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Bill Gates said:  "The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."

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The Internet Kitchen opened in June of 2007. It is home for both Beaver Creek IT Consultants and D-Tech Montana

Like many, we escaped Silicon Valley at an early age after the end of the pre-millennium boom.  We worked for a number of high tech companies and held increasingly responsible management positions. 

Ron focused on Marketing Data Products.  He spent 20 years with Pacific Telephone and later was the Director of Telecommunications for World Airways and Apple Computer (when the MAC was just a 128 kb machine).  He led IT Product Marketing Groups for NEC America, Ericsson Fiber Access, and Cisco Systems.

David is a Comptia certified computer technician that has the "magic touch" in making your PC operate better and faster.

Over the last 5 years, in this small frontier setting, we have come to be known as "the computer experts."  We became known as "Beaver Creek Tech Support" after we started supporting the church computer and website.

We find ourselves in post retirement enjoying the challenges of operating a small business instead of corporate departments. It's a great experience.

Our Technical Side:

David Reedy, now D-Tech or the "computer dude", is our third level computer technical support person.  He has completed his MSE training.

He has excellent skills with anything to do with computers including repair, documentation and training. 

We are hands-on and have the acumen of the experienced professionals.  No job is too small or too large.  We will build one website, one computer, or manage a worldwide network of integrated information technologies.  We have just about done it all.

We are highly creative people and adept problem solvers.  We can make your company work efficiently when it comes to information management.

    Home     |    About Us    |    Ron Reedy   |   David Reedy


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